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Sunbeams and Rainbows.

Bringing Happiness to Children of All Ages

☀️🌈 Hello and welcome to Sunbeams and Rainbows. 
☀️🌈 We sell a mixture of accessories, toys and decorations all handmade by us for you and your little ones. 
☀️🌈 We hope that you like the makes and offers that we have for you and enjoy browsing our website. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us. 

☀️🌈 Thank you for visiting


☀️🌈 Who are we? Our names are Gayle and Poppy and we are reali life best friends. In fact we met when we were about three years old. Now in our thirties, Gayle is a teacher and Poppy works as a buyer on the kidswear department for a large, well known fashion brand. We decided to pull our skills and passion for working with and for children together to create our very own brand Sunbeams and Rainbows. We started by selling on instagram in June 2020.

☀️🌈 Why the name? There are two reasons behind the name. We chose sunbeams because we were once in a dance (during our time as competition dancers) called Sunbeams together. We chose Rainbows because we set up our business during the covid19 pandemic and lockdown at a time when there were Rainbows everywhere. We thought it sounded good together. 

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